3 different Gels to offer always the perfect solution



Soft, powdery texture

Contains antioxidants
that are an effective
scavenger of free radicals
and hydroxyl groups

Best for use on amputees
with adherent scar
tissue, skin irritations,
sensitive skin and diabetics

High Density Gel


Dense, firm texture

Relatively firm nature of the
HD Gel combines comfort

with control and stability

Best for use on patients
who are transitioning
from a silicone liner to a gel liner

Grip Gel


Smooth, tacky texture

Tackiness helps in
reducing bunching in
the popliteal area

Best for use on amputees
with healthy
skin tissue



ALPS Gels are featured by a lower modulus of elasticity.

This means that ALPS Gels are more stretchable and deform easier than silicone under compression:

  • 40 lbs/sq in extends the Gel about 14 times at 1400%
  • 40 lbs/sq in extends the silicone about 3 times at 300%

The low modulus of elasticity, or ease of stretch, is a beneficial property for

dysvascular patients because it conforms to the pressure point without

restriction of blood flow, while providing enough compression and stability.

At the same time it grants extended durability to both liners and sleeves.

Low modulus of elasticity
comfort, stability and durability.

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