VIP is an air expulsion integrated pump for elevated vacuum for prosthetic socket. The use of VIP provides patients continuous total contact when donning the prosthesis.
This is essential for an even weight distribution and to distribute the suspension of the prosthesis over the whole surface of the residual limb.
Elevated vacuum created by the VIP stabilizes the residual limb,

overcoming all issues connected with the stump changing volume during the day.

Features and applications

  • ALPS VIP is available with 2 different vacuum levels: Low Vacuum or High Vacuum
  • It’s easy to install in the prosthetic socket
  • It doesn’t require the use of batteries or other power sources, and the need for pistons and cylinders to pump air out of the socket
  • It’s quiet, light and doesn’t affect the cosmetic appearance of the prosthesis
  • For laminated or thermoplastic sockets

Product Number

VIP-DL VIP-Low Vacuum, Convex
VIP-DH VIP-High Vacuum, Convex
VE319-D VIP Dummy
VE819-P VIP/EZ-Lock Mounting Plate

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