ALPS VIVA Sleeve is a prosthetic gel sleeve with a built-in valve to evacuate air in the socket to provide superior security.

It provides suction suspension without the need of creating a valve in the socket .

Once the sleeve is donned, the valve should be located proximal to the patella to create back pressure with knee flexion.

The VIVA is made with ALPS Grip Gel which prevents the sleeve from rolling down on the amputee’s limb.

Features and applications

  • Minimizes compression and irritation proximally
  • Freedom of knee flexion
  • Built in valve to evacuate air
  • Provides a secure suspension

Product Number

VIVA -XX-3 VIVA Sleeve, 3mm uniform

VIVA -XX-6 VIVA Sleeve, 6mm uniform

XX indicates size, see sizing chart

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